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Seit dem Jahr 2017 geben wir freiwillig Bericht über unsere Bemühungen,
auf der dreifachen Schnittstelle von Wirtschaft, Umwelt und Sozialem
nachhaltiger zu wirtschaften.

Gerne tun wir das auch gemäß neuen, landesübergreifenden Pflichten.


Our vision of sustainability

Our sustainability vision is based
tradition, performance, partnership,
and the courage to advance and grow.

We achieve sustainability
by unfolding the potential of our employees
who create our products.

We achieve sustainability
through resource-saving products from efficient processes.

We manufacture trust.

Certificates by conviction

We also have certificates hanging on the wall. However, they are not wall decorations but symbols of our corporate future. We consider ourselves sustainable when our products are the result of innovation and circumspection, and when we support the people involved in creating them. Our certificates stand for milestones of this, our understanding of sustainability.
In our download area you can conveniently download the certificates.

ISO 9001

Quality Management

since 2007


IATF 16949

Quality Management (Automotive)

ISO TS 16949 since 2007
IATF 16949 since 2018



Schadstoffmanagement Unternehmen & Lieferkette

since 1996



Unternehmen & Lieferkette

since 2016


ISO 50001

Energy Management

since 2015


ISO 14001

Environmental Management

since 2017



Recycled materials in the product chain

from 2023


HIGG Index

Social and ecological performance

from 2023


Unser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht:

We are happy to answer your questions about our sustainability efforts.

Christoph Rehse

Christoph Rehse

Head of Sustainability and Communication

+49 7323 86 1035