All set and done.

zwissTEX also delivers your product preconfectioned on request.

Punched parts

Using a 160-tonne beam cutting machine, we can cut even hard-to-cut products exactly to size and keep waste material to an absolute minimum with multiple tools and accordingly optimized costs.


With a feed table with a length of 25 meters upstream of the cutter, and subsequent optimal vacuum knife cutting technology, we cut blanks in almost freely selectable shapes with the lowest possible waste.

Laser cutter

With the laser cutter, even freer shapes with smaller radius or small and rectangular shapes are possible. In this way, we meet almost all customer requirements in terms of quality and quantity.

Narrow rolls

Using straight knives and circular blades, we can cut wide goods to the desired narrow roll size – we can even precision-cut goods as narrow as 20mm.


An additional production stage is the use of special industrial sewing machines. This enables us, for example, to sew laminated and cut sealing strips into a ring for use in household appliances such as washing machines and dryers.