Composite Materials

Composite Materials

The entire spectrum of innovation.

zwissTEX has a comprehensive range of machinery providing both traditional and cutting-edge production methods.

The best connection for first-class results: zwissTEX carries out laminations, linings and refinements at the highest level. Based on your specifications, we take an outer fabric and use groundbreaking technologies to create an end product with unique properties. We combine the textile surfaces in several layers with foam, nonwoven fabric, film or other functional elements. When finishing a surface, materials are also knife coated, coated or laminated to achieve a whole range of different effects.

Flame lamination

Using the latest flame laminating machines, we produce composite materials in the traditional way with adhesive-free bonding. Using either simple or sandwich flame lamination methods, our state-of-the-art equipment creates a finished composite with excellent expansion properties. Our highly qualified staff carries out preliminary checks even during production. During the laminating process, we perform automatic, continuous checks to measure product thickness.

Adhesive lamination

Two flatbed laminating machines allow for bonding with a range of different thermoplastic adhesives. We can therefore process not only traditional powder thermoplastics but also adhesive webs and films. Moreover, we can create specific, multilayer laminates in a single operation.

Slot-die adhesive lamination

We use this method to process reactive polyurethane adhesives that cure with ambient moisture. This type of machine allows us to create adhesive bonds with minimal thermal stress to the material being processed. This is because only the adhesive is heated, while the laminating materials are kept at room temperature.


We process aqueous dispersions with a state-of-the-art Brückner stenter. This piece of equipment enables us to apply both adhesives and surface sealants using a wide range of techniques, including paste dot application. In addition to a foulard, we have a kiss-coater, a comma bar and an air knife system – and can also achieve adhesive weights of less than 10 g/m2 using a reverse roll coater.

Goods inspection & final quality control

We have a total of five stations for carrying out final quality control checks. Once the lamination process is complete, your goods will be inspected again carefully. Our experts inspect every meter of the product with their trained eye. We also use the latest camera technology to detect faults that are hard to spot or invisible to the naked eye. During final inspection, we measure the goods with non-contact measuring systems to ensure the greatest possible accuracy.