Work in a calm environment despite open-plan office.

zwissTONE enables an open office architecture – and allows concentrated office work at the same time.

The challenge

Rigid walls are falling in many offices: Modern working concepts require flexible use of space and barrier-free communication. But where there is more exchange, there is also more noise. This not only disturbs concentration, it can even make people ill in extreme cases.

The innovation

zwissTEX creates a new kind of combination of knitted textiles and special sound absorbers. This allows the acoustics of large rooms to be designed effectively – the reverberation time is noticeably regulated and noise is significantly reduced.

The plus

zwissTONE not only ensures optimum acoustics, but also an outstanding visual appearance. A wide variety of fabrics or spacer fabrics can be used as required. This creates maximum well-being for the eye and ear, increases efficiency in the office, in kindergartens or in the hospitality industry and can make an important contribution to employee health.


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