Gentle leather processing with ideal heat stability.

The newly developed ZoeppriPur adhesive combines the lowest activation temperatures with extreme resilience.

The challenge

A car seat is one item that is constantly subject to friction and heat build-up. Leather laminates therefore have to be bonded at high temperatures to ensure durability. This places the leather under huge stress and damages its surface.

The innovation

A completely new, latent-reactive adhesive. It has an activation temperature of no less than 90°C – but heat stability up to 120°C. ZoeppriPur can be applied via a printing screen on foam, nonwoven fabric, film or woven fabric and can be supplied directly to the customer for further processing. Even shipping in unrefrigerated trucks is no problem.

The plus

Gentle on leather but tough in performance – ZoeppriPur not only protects the natural base material but also ensures extremely hard-wearing lamination. Since the adhesive it not applied to the entire surface, the leather remains breathable and extremely flexible.


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