Exceptional design and cutting-edge functionality.

With the ZoeppriBright project, a new process is being developed that combines sophisticated lighting technology with unprecedented product design.

The challenge

The lighting experts at Bartenbach carried out experiments using reflective metal surfaces for illuminating spaces with indirect light. It became apparent that a textile covering on the metal plates provided optimum diffusion of light and minimum glare. But how does one combine fabric and metal?

The innovation

With ZoeppriBright, the developers at zwissTEX are once again breaking new ground. This innovative process allows for precision application of the adhesive, leaving the fine honeycomb-shaped openings of the textile free. But that’s not all: with this process, metal plates can also be laminated although, in the industry, it is almost exclusively rolls of metal sheeting that are processed.

The plus

This combination of metal and textile is a spectacular success story. This functional design element can not only be put to impressive use in interior design but is also set to cause a stir in the furniture and automotive design industries.


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