New administration and production building in Gerstetten-Heldenfingen

One year and eight months after the ground-breaking ceremony, we were able to move into the new administration and production building at the Gerstetten-Heldenfingen site in March 2020.

We are continuously working on simplifying our business processes for our customers and suppliers and we are steadily strengthening our market position with greater efficiency. Our new building is an important factor in this.

The two-storey building, with 3,000 square meters of administrative and 8,000 square meters of production space, offers plenty of room for innovation - as in the new Zwissler InnovationLab, our communication and creativity-promoting forum for collaboration with colleagues and external partners.

Due to some constructional delays, we are working with verve on the completion of the textile facade and other building measures.

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally after the COVID19 restrictions have subsided.

The location in Pommernweg 6, 89547 Gerstetten is now closed.


Our new contact details are:

zwissTEX GmbH

Heuchlinger Strasse 33-35

89547 Gerstetten-Heldenfingen

Phone +49 7323 86-0

Fax +49 7323 86-1001