Antibacterial and antiviral zwissCLEAN MASK COMFORT from zwissTEX

With zwissCLEAN MASK COMFORT zwissTEX is a pioneer among manufacturers of antimicrobial masks for the mouth and nose. Unlike conventional models the zwissCLEAN MASK COMFORT actively and highly effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses thanks to the latest textile technologies. This is made possible by a formula that refines the textile. This physically interrupts the cell membrane of the bacteria and viruses, so that no development of resistance is possible. In this way, 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses are eliminated within a very short time.

The mask consists of a three-layer breathable material structure. The upper material and the integrated fleece reduce the risk of droplet infections through particle filtration of the bacteria and viruses. The lower material, which consists of 100.0 percent cotton, ensures a lasting pleasant feeling on the skin.

As the mask can be washed up to 30 times, it replaces up to 210 disposable masks and thus saves resources in the long term.

All materials are produced in Germany and the sewing work is also done in Germany. The zwissCLEAN MASK COMFORT is therefore made in Germany.

The optimal fit guarantees long-term wearing comfort. The cut of the mask was chosen in accordance with the recommendation for personal protective equipment. The modern design is rounded off by the durable and flexible nose clip, which prevents fogging of the lenses.

In addition to the masks, zwissTEX is planning a new production line for the manufacture of antibacterial and antiviral fabrics that can be processed into protective clothing. This product line is called zwissCLEANTM FABRICS.

The masks are available in sizes M, L and XL at Or simply order by e-mail to