Corporate Policy


Our thread for your success.

The principles of our corporate policy.

Within our organisation the principle of quality is accounted for in every corporate decision. We continually strive to detect deficiencies and make an effort to analyse and to lastingly resolve their causes. Saving resources and customer satisfaction form the centre of our daily activies.

Our corporate principles

  • We create top-quality hightech-textiles and composites for individiual application
  • We anticipate new customer and market requirements
  • From ideation to market maturity we develop innovative products proactively and with a high sense of creativity
  • We permanently optimize our production and logistic processes
  • We learn continously und find above-average solutions
  • We comprehend ourselves as a provider with a great focus on service
  • We create appropriate preconditions which enable us and our employees to operate actively and creatively

Our corporate goals

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing profitability
  • Increasing security and environmental compatibility
  • Increasing the attraction of our employer brand


  • Implementing regulations by the means of communication and training
  • Specifying goals
  • Continually measuring and communicating the capacity of our management system (process and product quality)
  • Identifying and regulating critical process steps
  • Continually improving our process and product quality through specific measures and programs