The best of many worlds.

zwissTEX doesn’t just bring together numerous experts in one company – it also brings lots of convincing benefits.


Many experts. One mission.

zwissTEX combines the specialist knowledge of a range of textile experts to develop the best products for you.

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A global presence

Nine locations. One partner.

zwissTEX offers you an extensive network of textile facilities with global production capacity.

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An all-round service

Thousands of solutions. A unique service.

As a one-stop provider, zwissTEX offers you everything from textile manufacturing to lamination.

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A wealth of experience

Almost 200 years in the industry. One promise.

zwissTEX – delivering first-class results since 1828.

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The creative spark

Countless ideas. One melting pot.

zwissTEX distils creative ideas into products that give you the edge.

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Focused on quality.

A wide range of products. Unique quality.

zwissTEX meets the highest standards: your own.

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